Construction Management

Rohan Engineering provides construction management services for residential and commercial building renovation projects as well as new building construction projects.  For a partial list of New York City Department of Buildings Projects involving Construction Management, please click Here.

Additional Construction Management Services:

  • Full Field Construction Inspection / Owner Representation Services
  • Services for All Disciplines
    • buildings, buried infrastructure, lift stations, solar energy, etc.
  • New Retaining Wall Construction
  • Repair of Existing Retaining Walls
    • Spray on epoxy coating repair of existing concrete and metal structures
  • Specialized Technical Inspections
  • Full-time Construction Representation


NYC Special inspection agency

Rohan Engineering, P.C. is a certified Special Inspection Agency in New York City, registered for over thirty-five special inspections. Please click Here for a complete list of Special Inspections at the NYC Department of Buildings BIS. If you would like to learn more about special inspections:

NYC DOB Special Inspection Agency